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duration: ca. 80 Minuten
release date: june 2020
catalog number: RY01
language: german

Product information: When the television transmitters report about the biggest loser as a consequence of the corona crisis, they often forget the "Punkrock Diary" as an ego fanzine, which lives mainly from the concert side effects report exposures. At the day, they forbid all the punkrock gigs, due to the lack of material, there was still no reason to think of a consequence of the 8th print edition. Thanks to a few talented readers, author Maks Rilrecowski has given his observations in acoustically understandable words until the lockdown. Madness!

If you live in Germoney, you can order the audiobook here. If you live in another country please send us an e-mail to maxs /*AT*/ rilrec.de