Approximately in 1989, the first forrunner fanzine “RILBFHPA” started and ended in 2003, before starting the zine as an online magazin. Later the name was changed to "PUNKROCK DIARY", but the content was neary the same: Something similar to concert reports, although it was rarely about the bands and their performances.

The three yearbooks “PUNKROCK ALMANACH” gave the collected "concert reports" in printed form from 2013 to 2015. After cancelling the online magazin, the RILBFHPA successor “PUNKROCK DIARY – RILBFHPA RELOADED” appeared four times in the classic Din A5 format from July 2015 to September 2016. After a break of three years the 5th edition appears in August 2019. After that I still released 4 more volumes. One of them as a tape audio fanzine. And one as a download audio fanzine. The "Punkrock Diary" was discontinued sometime in 2020.

Our new fanzine-project is called "HANSA ZENECA". The first volume will be released at 21/05/2021. But that won't be an egozine again, but a classic A5 DIY punk fanzine with interviews and much more.

If you are interested in the zines please get in contact with me (maxs */at/* or find some releases at the Please notice, that all zines are in german language.