The RILREC YOUTH is an 100% DIY/non profit project based in Germoney and we are part of the "RilRec Punkrock Family". In addition to an existing fanzine, a record label and punk rock shows in the Ruhrgebiet area are currently planned. We bring the experience of about 50 record releases in 10 years and have already held many punkrock-shows in different DIY locations. After a three-year break, we joined the "RilRec Punkrock Family" to publish and organize this as a hopeless offspring (uhem!) as "RilRec Youth", which we are really up for.
We strictly stand against fascism, antisemitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and all other kinds of discrimination. If you donĀ“t agree with that, you are wrong on this website and we will never start anything togehter.
(And my English did not become better during the last 3 years... sorry for that!)