Dearest young community,

the time has come soon: The first issue of our new FANZINE project (in german language, sorry!) will appear on May 21, 21. For 150 years you have not been used to anything other than these egozines from us. It is all the more silly that I keep writing "us" or "we" in this context.

But the "exaggerated need to communicate" (quote from Martin, Riot Bike Records, and he is so right) reaches its limits when the fields of activity (concerts... or train rides) have disappeared. So get away from the ego shit and start a new attempt: The desperate search for interesting material, amateurish interview attempts and luckily a few contributions from cool friends are enough for something between 60 and 70 pages to get you the first work at the end of May showcase.

Since the "fanzine for beer" deal is a bit unfavorable at concerts (as I miss this procedure alone, which at some point was the only reason why I still did a fanzine at all), please order the zine in the RILREC MAILORDER. You should be able to find what you are looking for there from around 21/05/21.